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100 notes from 20 years in antifa.

I lived a life that is pretty far from what could be described as ‘standard’. Still, I believe that nothing of this was a mistake, I have no regrets and I stand firmly by everything I’ve done. Even after 20 years. Twenty years. That’s exactly the time since I first put a wooden baton in my backpack and rode 400 km by train to attend my first antifascist demonstration.

I know that Nazis would be there and being aware that I would stand up to face them – apart from most other people attending the demo. Not peacefully. I will not hold a banner in my hand, but I will be holding a stick. And this was basically what I was doing for the next 20 years.

– Peter Cricket

Rare Inside story from
radical antifascist movement.

A front-row view
from the first line.

The book has 244 pages

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Fighting fascism
in the center of europe

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