My Life Antifa




100 notes from 20 years in antifa.

I lived a life that is pretty far from what could be described as ‘standard’. Still, I believe that nothing of this was a mistake, I have no regrets and I stand firmly by everything I’ve done. Even after 20 years. Twenty years. That’s exactly the time since I first put a wooden baton in my backpack and rode 400 km by train to attend my first antifascist demonstration.

I know that Nazis would be there and being aware that I would stand up to face them – apart from most other people attending the demo. Not peacefully. I will not hold a banner in my hand, but I will be holding a stick. And this was basically what I was doing for the next 20 years.

– Peter Cricket

Rare Inside story from
radical antifascist movement.


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objectively 8/10
subjectively 10/10

– Chris (Germany) –

With each of the 100 stories, I felt more and more connected to Peter. It’s unbelievable how two people who have never seen each other and don’t know each other can have so many parallels in their lives…

same as in real life
– one situation follows another.

– Bea (Poland) –

It is not a book that you will understand 100% and ideally you can “superimpose” on your own life and activism, enjoying the eye with all the lines and points covered. It is a personal story resulting from one’s own experiences…

Fight with nazis,
motivation and
inner demons.

– Izurewara (Czech) –

This book isn’t heroic epos about rightful flawless superhumans fighting against the higher evil. It’s quite the opposite. It’s actually not ever declaring what good and evil are. It’s a very personal confession…

A front-row view
from the first line.

The book has 244 pages

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Fighting fascism
in the center of europe

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